Reviews... upcoming in 2014


Over the last year I have been learning so much about running, myself and about what works for me and what doesn't both in terms of running itself and the inevitable paraphernalia that goes along with it.  I find myself leaving my 'normal' clothes in the cupboard and reach for my running gear more and more.  Some of the things I have work for me and some don't....


Here's a list of some of the things on it that I want to review and as soon as my boys are back at school (!!) I will be posting so check back if you are interested to hear what I have to say about them:


1. CW-X Compressions tights


2. Hydration - Camelback.  We have 3 of these our family uses so I will review:


                   Camelback Octane LR Hydration Pack (70 oz)/ 

                   Skeeter 50 floz (small or kids)

                   Mini Mule 1.5L (also pretty small)


3. Flipbelt


4. Fuelling - I have used Gu and the shot blocks so far but I also want to try Humagels which are apparently more natural and easy on the stomach.  I am in still in search for what works for me as I find the gels I have tried so far, although they seem to have the desired effect, make me want to be sick (a combination of texture but mainly the taste as I think the flavours are all revolting)!  So far I have timed my gel taking in races so that I can have them in my mouth for the least amount of time possible and so taking them just before I get to a water stop so that I can swish them down using water provided.   Not sure this is the best method and I'd like to have a better plan of action for 2014 races, particularly as I've now signed up for my first Marathon!



Do you have anything else you would like to see me review? Please leave a comment to let me know.


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