I bought this visor from Sparkle Athletic for $25.  It is made my Headsweats but is exclusive to Sparkle Athletic (www.sparkleathletic.com). They have LOTS of other cool colors and the sparkle skirts to match if that is you kinda thing.  I would love one of those too but yet to add that to my running gear collection!  

I bought this bit of bling to take on my second half marathon in October.  This is my 'Official' race photo - I absolutely LOVED that race & as you can see, I needed the cover as it was a glorious sunny day!  I think I smiled from ear to ear THE WHOLE WAY... except the last mile (photo on the right is me crossing the finish line).


Who said running gear couldn’t be pretty?!  Wearing this really made me feel a bit more girly even though I was going to get my sweat on (an end up a bit of a hot mess)!  

I don’t tend to run in a hats as the few I have tried have annoyed me. I find having super long (heavy) hair, I haven’t been able to find one quite the right shape so that I can feed my hair through the hole at the back comfortably.  Anyway, I wanted something to keep the sun off my face (clearly) as well as out of my eyes and to be honest, I just thought these were really cute so wanted to give it a try.  I’m glad I did!  This really did the job well & my long hair being awkward just wasn’t an issue because the thick elastic sat underneath my ponytail and it all stayed in place just fine and very comfortably.  IN fact I think the elastic  actually prevented my hair falling out (which it often does).  It was ace! 


Now I want a sparkle skirt to match my visor AND another visor in another color……. Now the worst bit – Which one do I go for? Pink (because I'm a girly girl and LOVE LOVE LOVE pink) or RED since my next BIG race is the ROCK AND ROLL USA Marathon… and its red and black all the way for that race baby!


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Do you have a favorite piece of running gear?


Why do you like it - does it make you feel gorgeous/ girly/ special or is it really only about functionality for you?  


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