CW-X (Stabilyx – Black & Rainbow)


I bought my first pair of CW-X tights in November 2012 as I wanted a pair of long tights in preparation winter marathon training. They were listed at MRSP $105 but I got them at what I felt was a great deal online so knocked a bit off that price which I was pleased with.  I anticipated trying them and perhaps using them only for races for a bit of extra knee and hamstring support. However, having worn them for the first time on an 18 mile run, I could NOT believe the difference in the way I felt both during and afterwards.  I would normally have tired glutes, and hamstrings after really long run but after my first run wearing these, I really had no tired achy muscles AT ALL.  The difference is really significant! They ARE tight but I like that (and the vain side of me loves that I feel all sucked in and streamlined too but that really is secondary here – just an added bonus)!  If you haven’t worn compression tights before it definitely helps that the packaging comes with brief instructions on the best way to get them on and it DOES matter in order that you get the best support and compression in the right places.  Essentially, the pattern in the fabric (easier to see with the rainbow design), leaves a ‘hole’ where the bands of extra support go around the knee and up behind the hamstrings.  It is really important to get your knee in the right place, but the instructions are really clear and once they are on they are really comfortable. 


They wash well, I usually wash mine at a cold temperature and always let them air dry so I couldn’t testify to them surviving anything else but if I wash them and hang them out late at night (confessions of a night owl), they are still ready to go for an early run which is what I’d expect from the wicking fabric but still good to know.


They look great too.  I really like the rainbow colour ones that I bought first and having raved about wanting some for ages and now loving them, quite a few moms from my running group ‘Moms RUN This Town’, went straight out and bought a pair for themselves. Now we often turn up to group runs looking like a proper team in our matching tights! Five of us this morning (in the middle) at Carderock, MD - and what a beautiful run it was too.


Running tights that prevent the need for me to cling to the balustrade of the stairs like a marsupial as I lower myself down after my post long run shower definitely gets my vote!  I now have 3 pairs (two full length and one crop) and wouldn’t be without them. The support and comfort (and the fact that they are actually quite warm so are great in the winter), means that I wear mine for almost every run.  I will wear them for as long as I can and will definitely be getting the shorts for the summer!


If you are looking for something with support but won’t break the bank – I would personally highly recommend these! 


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