Just keep spinning, just keep spinning!

No running but what a great active weekend and start to the week!


As you've probably gathered, I have dreaded taking time off running to allow my now ankle to heal and really found the first week off hard, mentally rather than physically.  Panic about being able to get back to running after a break consumed me completely and I am pretty sure I turned into this loathsome bore who constantly either cries or talks of nothing but running and the distinct lack of it in my life!  However, Friday's unexpected Physical Therapy reaped incredibly positive results and since then, I have pretty much been pain free and feel like a new woman!  

Saturday I decided to take the plunge and do the back to back Spin classes that had been suggested to me so that I could feel a similar sense of tiredness that the 20 mile run that was on my plan would give me.  I was in good company with my good MRTT friend (and fellow Chapter Leader) Deborah who decided to join me for the delights of both classes too. Although as a veteran of the sport and former instructor, she wasn't foolish enough to wear short running shorts like me and opted for the padded variety (which I am now thinking I might need as I am STILL aware of the fact I sat in a saddle for  nearly 2 and half hours if you catch my drift)!   Anyway, long story short - we stormed it (well, we got through it and are alive to tell the tale)!  And felt like I could eat my own arm for the rest of the day.  A sure sign we worked hard and although I didn't quite get the same high as my long run, the feeling that finally I was worn out was so GREAT - I felt GOOD!  I know that probably sounds odd but it is true!


Sunday was the Mom Run This Town McLean chapter's first birthday party Yoga and Shopping event our local Lululemon store.  We had great company, yummy brunch and 45 minutes of challenging Yoga lead by a really lovely instructor called Alexis.  It was only the 3rd or 4th time I've done Yoga (it was one of my goals to try it at the start of the year) and am finding it really beneficial. A lot of the moves and poses are still very new to me and so I was THRILLED therefore, that I was able to somewhat successfully have a go at the 'Eagle' pose (and that it was captured on camera which I wasn't aware of at the time) with a bit of practice I am sure I will look more elegant doing it and it will get better but I was really pleased with myself and I was even able to show off a bit to my little people who had a go themselves...



He's so cute, he even put his running tights on so that he could have a better go at it!  

Monday  - still no pain (hooray) and I headed to the gym for some cross training.  I couldn't decide between swimming or the elliptical so took everything with me but ended up deciding I didn't want to get wet so the cross trainer it was!  

1hr/6 Miles done.  I felt so good I was really temped to just 'TRY' the treadmill, even just for a little bit but I was really proud of myself and I didn't give in.


Today was a BUSY today.  I headed to cycle this morning as I would usually run on a Tuesday so wanted the cardio.  Then headed for BodyPump class (seemed like a better option than heading home for half an hour to squeeze in chores) as I already had signed myself up to a complimentary Pure Barre Demo class which had been arranged for our MRTT group.  Pure Barre claims to be a 'total body work out focusing on areas women struggle with most: seat, hips, thighs, abs and arms'.  Having never done anything like this before, I wasn't sure quite what to expect, both of the style of fitness class or because it was a demo (hence doing the earlier workouts).  I wasn't sure whether this would be a brief run through demo or a full class.  Well it ended up being a very thorough full length class and we had a great turnout from our group too which definitely made it fun!  The class certainly reflected what the studio could do and I was  pretty tired (and very hungry) once I had finished my busy morning.   Thoughts: truthfully - never say never again but I didn't feel that this style of exercise was for me.  Mainly because I already have gym membership to supplement my running and I am happy with the classes on offer there.  It was quite different to anything offered at the gym (*that I have tried), and the exercises were quite subtle so I felt that they were easy to get wrong in a large class and therefore it would be very easy to not get the most out of them.  Perhaps that would come with time but I can see it would suit some people more than others.  I like to really MOVE to work my butt off , working up a sweat and I didn't get that from this type of exercise.


SO finally - I saw my Physio friend again today and she spent some time on my ankle/ tendon.  As I mentioned, I really haven't had any pain to speak of since she worked on it on Friday which seems to have surprised her as much as me!  I kept feeling that I shouldn't tempt fate by doing too much even though I felt/ feel like I 'could' run on it again just to make sure it is more than completely healed.  However,  today really was testament to the rest, cross training and the amazing job she did first time because the massage felt completely different.  It wasn't comfortable in some places simply because of the high pressure but the pain I felt last time just wasn't there and there was just the odd spot where she described it as feeling a little 'boggy'.  I found myself grinning from ear to ear because I know I'm getting better and the awesome, fabulous, exciting news is that she agreed I should continue to cross train for the rest of the week and could run again on Friday/ Saturday!  I am SO excited!  Hoping to be back on track with the running really soon, even if it ends up being on a treadmill because the weather is crappy (forecast is not great for the next day or two again). 

 I typed this last night and thought it would be a rest (and errands) day today... or perhaps with the snow coming (again), but I might HAVE to sneak a little cross training in later and take tomorrow off instead as it looks like we might be snowed in (again)!  Oh joy!

I tried making a yummy healthy biscuit recipe made with bananas and oats last night (shared with me by another MRTT Chapter Leader).  I'll post info later along with the Spicy Carrot soup I keep promising.  Great hearty, filling 'good for you' food that is comforting when the weather is cold.

Are you on your way to achieving any of your 2014 goals?  How far have you got and have YOU come across any challenges?  What are you doing to overcome them?  

Last bit of news...  I found out yesterday I've been accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador!  Really thrilled!  If you're interested to find out more about it, check out my home page and click on the 'I am a Sweat pink Ambassador' image there which will take you to the official website.  #sweatpink



Are you on your way to achieving any of your 2014 goals?  Have YOU come across any challenges?  If so, how are you (or did you) overcome it?  Did anything or anyone keep you motivated through the hard times?



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