Frustrations & Good Samaritans

Frustration & Good Samaritans – thank heaven for them!

It’s the end of what was supposed to be a step back week for me, so I should and do feel quite rested but also weirdly frustrated about my lack of runs as well.  Is that normal?!   It’s the small things.  I was relatively on track with my runs this week.  I had to swap my speed workout & medium run around this week because of the ridiculous polar vortex temperatures (I’m talking -17 oC / 3oF with windchill) which meant I did 6 x 800 repeats on the treadmill on Tuesday instead of on the track and then my mid run on the Thursday with the wonderful MRTT group!  I ordered myself a copy of the Runners World cookbook at the beginning of the week as I mentioned in my last blog that I want to look carefully at my nutrition and improve it.  I have been craving carbs but only late at night which is clearly NOT good so I need something that satisfies my hunger earlier to avoid stuffing my face full of peanut butter smothered bagels before bed (yes I really have been doing that)!    The book arrived Friday so I am hoping to try one or two things from that this week so I’ll report back how they go. 



Although we always try to eat healthily & as a family, the evenings are always full of kids clubs, commitments and homework so getting a good meal in can sometimes be hard…. I know you understand!  This week I cooked a really nice Spicy Pork and Bean Stew (it wasn’t the only thing we all ate all week but this meal was particularly yummy so I was quite proud of it & it is always a hit with my boys). There is also usually some left to put in their packed lunches for the following day so I just add fresh couscous or Quinoa in the morning before they head out (feel great for killing two birds with one stone too)!


So I had two rest days this week instead of the usual one my training plan gives my on a Friday so I had my final run of the week this morning.  I was MISERABLE as sin yesterday as I have very quickly got used to my Saturday morning runners high.  Part of me felt relieved that it was a rest day because it was POURING with rain but that didn’t change the fact I missed my usual run and was jealous of those who had braved the elements.  So I headed out to Carderock, MD this morning for 13 miles.  It was another beautiful run alongside the Potomac with high, fast moving water because of the rainfall from the previous day and great company.  It was fascinating to see how the landscape can change so quickly but it also made it very squidgy under foot and a bit tiring on the legs if I’m honest.  I opted to stay with company for as long as possible and run out 5 and back 5 and tag on 3 more on the end whilst the rest of the group had yummy muffins in the warm cars but today – it wasn’t meant to be.  I got back to my car having done 10 miles and was about to get some water from the car before doing my last three and… OMG my key fob for my car was missing!  I’d taken the rest of my keys off it as they’re such a big cumbersome bunch to carry so it was only a small black fob and nothing to identify it and very easy to hide in grass or foliage. What a nightmare!


I searched every pocket I had but it was clear that it had fallen out whilst running and could have been anywhere on the 10 mile route I’d done but I had a feeling that it would be where I’d taken my top layer off (at the half way turnaround point – nearly 5 miles away)!!  I couldn’t believe it and what was worse was the fact I had at least two other friends waiting for me to give them a lift home.  I felt TERRIBLE!  I couldn’t hang around and sob like I wanted to (partly because I felt such an idiot), I was just going to have to get out there again and search the trail until I found it… Clearly someone was looking down on me today because as I headed out back onto the trail, I had not done half a mile when two lovely ladies were running towards me.  I shouted out to them, “I don’t suppose you’ve come across a key fob” when they shouted back “Yes”!  Nora Pittis, who was out doing a long run with her own running group, was my Good Samaritan today.  Nora left it nearby where she had found it and it was indeed, nearly 5 miles away but not only had she found it, she had put it somewhere safe and then drove me to collect it (which was not a direct route).  Nora, I can’t thank you enough! 


I'm really feeling frustrated I didn’t get my 13 miles in today because of my stupidity in not putting my key some where safer but also truly humbled by the kindness of strangers. Tomorrow is another day and next week I’m hopeful will be a good one so I will try not to dwell on it.


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Have you tried any recipes from the runners world recipe book you think I should try first?


Have you ever been helped out on a run by a kind soul you didn’t know?

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