Fresh Attitude & a Little Physio



With a fresh attitude, I headed for the gym this morning.  Stormed my spin class (it was a hard one but it felt great and the invitation of Abs and Stretch afterwards was too much to resist so I headed for an extra half an hour once spinning was done. 


Here it is…


Cardio DONE, Core DONE!


Lesson of the day – green is NOT my colour! This workout gear (well just the top half, I LOVE my CW-X tights), is heading for the rehoming pile!


As I was showering after my workout I ran into a friend who I hadn’t seen for a couple of weeks.  She kindly offered to take a look at my ankle this afternoon and work on it if she could.  Results: - WOW!  I really cannot believe the difference already!  After the assessment and an hour of sports massage, it turns out the cause of my ankle issue was probably not the slip on the ice (although that might not have helped things), but was more likely to have been a consequence of my concern for running heavy footed on the ball of my foot.  Essentially I think I may have altered my gait and had started to run on the outside edge of my right foot to protect the ball of my foot from being impacted as it was healing.  This likely caused stress to the posterior tibial tendon muscle which has  now become inflamed -  ‘Posterior tibial tendonitis’.  Thankfully not too serious; as long as I continue to do as I planned for the next week and stay off it a bit longer.  So bring on the Cross training and copious amounts of ice and ibuprofen (all in sensible quantities obviously)! Lets see how it is tomorrow as apparently I might feel a bit battered but at the moment, it feels as though the pain has completely gone!


Not to self: Resist the urge to RUN!


Happy Friday!


Have you got an injury you are treating at the moment?  What does the treatment involve and how is it going? Are you staying positive?


A good friend of mine shared this with me today – I really like it and it is so true.


I also agree with the following statement..



So after a mini shop and stroll around the beautiful waterfront in Georgetown... I popped into Georgetown Cupcake and treated myself.  Mine was the double Chocolate Ganache on the left #YUMMY The Chocolate Strawberry Lava I saved for hubby.
I tried a recipe for Spiced Carrrot and Lentil Soup the other day (with freshly made bread).  Watch out for the recipe soon.
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