8 Weeks to Go

I found this on my internet travels this week. It's true for me so thought I'd share it.

"Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about." - PattiSue Plumer


My training went really well last week, Monday even brought a new class at the gym.  Vinyassa Flow Yoga!  It was quite different from anything I have tried before but I felt that I challenged different muscles to those I've worked during running or Bodypump (my most favorite class).  So think this is going to be on my list of weekly 'must do's' from now on.   The gym I'm a member of offers various Yoga classes.  I'm nowhere near ready to do anything other than the basic Yoga right now but I keep hearing about Bikram Yoga.  I think its the talk of the office at hubby's work! LOL Maybe when I can actually hold a post without falling over I might give that one a go too. 


Tuesday came the terribly sad news of Meg Cross Menzies, a young Mum who was tragically killed by a drunk driver while out for her morning run on January 13, 2014. As an avid runner, member of the Richmond Road Runners Club, and Boston marathoner, she was a member of the running family nationwide. In her honor, the running community, myself included, hoped to raise awareness of drunk driving, texting and driving, and overall safety of runners and cyclists everywhere by dedicating whatever mileage we completed on Saturday 18th January to her memory.  Even though I didn’t know her myself, I think that most runners (certainly ones I know) were really touched by the tragic event. There is nothing any of us can say or do to bring Meg back or to ease the pain of Meg’s poor family who have been left behind but I want her family to know that I thought about her a lot last week and I am so sorry for the loss to her family.  


With a heavy heart and a sadness that permeated my thoughts throughout the week, family life for us continued with the usual ticking over of the household, chores, homework, kiddie commitments.  Training went REALLY well and I really felt like it was going exactly the way it should.  I even managed to try one new recipe from my new Runners World Cookbook on Thursday.  Marinated Beef & Veggie Kebabs!  They were really easy to make and just required a little marinating which was easy to do in a freezer bag and leave for an hour whilst I popped out to collect the hubby from work so I highly recommended them for ease if you are able to prep then come back to just do a quick grill & serve.  They went down okay.  The kids and hubby weren’t so keen on the eggplant/ aubergine that it called for and there were several pieces left on the sides of their plates. I think I may need to adapt this recipe next time and find something to substitute the eggplant with, maybe sweet potato.  Not a complete right off as they devoured the honey, ginger & soy marinated steak with the other vegetables. 



 Last week I discovered Tofu and it was a huge hit both for me and my children.  I added it to their usual Pesto pasta which they take to school and it went down a storm.  This week I’m going to try another couple of tofu recipes including Brown Rice Salad with Curried Tofu so I’ll report back on what the verdict is!


Saturday brought the DC Road Runners JFK20K Race held at Carderock, MD.  I ran this with my Moms run this town running group.  It was great to be with them, there is always so much support for each other and I love that.  This one was VERY cold and windy and was tinged with sadness since we all dedicated each step we took that day to Meg Cross Menzies.  As for my performance, my training plan stated I should do my run that day at my ‘Marathon Race Pace’ which is slower than I would normally run 20K in a race.  I knew it would be hard not to race it ‘properly’ with the adrenaline pumping at the start but I also had to keep in mind that it was training and I had to run 19 miles the following day too.  It helped that it was a really low key event and I managed to follow my plan, coming in at 1:45:35 (8:28 pace). 


Sunday was a different story.  I was definitely ready to get out there and slept well the night before.  I had been nervous that I would be too tired to do 19 miles but when I woke up I felt great which was a good start. We had a great group of mamas to start out and then two of us carried on going when they turned back at 3/4 miles.  9 miles in though, my bruised foot (from the family walk at Christmas when I wore ‘the wrong shoes’) was haunting me and I could feel the ball of my right foot getting quite sore.  The worst thing I did was stop to take my shoe off to look at it because I couldn’t see anything and stretching it didn't work either but I had to try!  After that,  I could do little else but focus on it which didn't help my game.   Annoyingly, my legs felt fine and my head was in it too but my foot really slowed me down and I was conscious of it.  So much so, I was embarrassed that I was slowing my sole sister down and I was apologizing for not running at the pace I had anticipated (and quoted when I’d asked for company).  Anyway, I got it done and I’m thrilled I did but I am a bit bummed that I was so hampered by my foot, mentally and physically.  I made the decision whilst chatting in the last few miles that the best thing to do would be to take a few days off.  I still have a lot of reading I want to do about running but have read enough already to know not to mess around with potential injuries and that if in doubt, take time off rather than risk making things worse. 


I spent the rest of Sunday with my foot raised and icing it intermittently (whilst munching on one of my favorite snacks - peanut bitter bagel), but for the rest of Sunday and Monday I panicked about the fitness I would lose by not running for nearly a week.  The reading I’ve done suggests I won’t lose significant fitness and should take the time to let my foot heal.  My head tells me this is true and I will be fine but despite that, my heart aches for the road and I am still a somewhat fidgety ball of angst, and will be until I get that next run under my belt.  Needless to say I am not really achieving much efficiently this week, everything feels a bit of a chore hence it has taken me an age to write this blog entry! 

 Now it is already Thursday and my children have been home all week with snow days anyway so it would have been REALLY tricky to fit in runs with hubby away and no dreadmill at home. That does make me feel a little better at least!


So no running for me this week so far and I plan to stay off it until at least Saturday, by which time I think I will have been pain free for 6 days and perhaps the snow will show some signs of going (whilst its beautiful, I'm noted with it now!!


So this is what I HAVE achieved to stay active this week: -


Monday – 35 Minutes Cross training & a few weights with hubby.


Tuesday – Bodypump (I’d usually do this the same day as a run just to fit the class in and I felt SO strong because I hadn’t done much of anything for a couple of days).


Wednesday – Played with my children in the snow but truly not a whole lot else (I miss those endorphins – Gosh that sounds SO selfish doesn’t it)?!


Being cooped up in the house for extended is probably not good for me, especially when spending lots of time looking at running blogs and shopping!  … oooh I am like a child in a sweetie shop and finding it really hard to resist!  There are just so many things I NEED!  From actual running GEAR to Books and Race entries..  Seriously, this is me right now!! 



Hoping to go to Bodypump or Yoga today (if not just to get out the house – away from all the online running gear stores!).... one of the things I did buy yesterday was a book about Ultra Running.... already thinking about my next challenge!




How is your training going?  Are you having any training hiccups that you are having to overcome?  

Have you tried a new class  or have a favorite that you think is really good for you? 




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